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Scritto da Matteo Pantalena 

For the past few weeks we have been working with some elder people - we call them “grandparents” familiarly - in the computer room of our school. The aim of the project is to improve their skills on electronic devices and their abilities to work with personal computers. This activity has been an interesting experience both for us, students and elder people. We were like teachers and it was a role that we had never had before, so initially we were a bit disoriented about the way we had to approach them, but after some hours we managed to adapt our behaviour to each grandparent and also to understand their difficulties. All of them were determined to learn something useful, and they were happy to be in contact with young people, maybe to better understand the reality where their grandchildren are growing.

At home they studied what we had taught them and many of them even took notes to better remember what they did with us. We succeeded in teaching them some basic interactions with the computer, for instance we created a Word file, a Power Point and Canva presentation, the email administration and much more. Of course we know that they weren’t interested in all they did with us but only in what they found useful, however we hope we have given them the basis for a more analysed study and comprehension of the computer, something they will do on their own. 

Even if we are from different ages the interaction between us has been really well done, each one of the people we met is different and has a lot of stories to tell. This was a wonderful experience that now is concluded, but we think that we weren’t the only teachers because we have learnt as well a lot from our grandparents.

Matteo Pantalena (3F)

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